Important Information about AVTEN Membership

The annual membership period for new members shall commence on the first day of the month after payment has been received by the treasurer and it lasts for 12 months.

Membership Dues

Annual membership dues shall be set in Nigeria Currency (Naira) and the dues held in an account approved by the Executive Committee.

The following dues are approved by AVTEN EXCO.

  1. Conference Fees:
  2. Registered members                –       N15,000
  3. Non registered members          –       N17,000
  4. Membership                               –       N7,000
  5. Annual dues (old and new members) –   N2,000
  6. Vetting fees per paper                 –       N4,000
  7. Compulsory AVTEN Journal           –       N2,000
  8. Student membership (non-working,

Show ID card)                            –       N3,000

  • Foreign participant                              s150

These dues are subject to review by AVTEN EXCO, from time to time as the needs arise.

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