President Welcome Address

Welcome to the Association of Vocational and Technical Educators of Nigeria, AVTEN, website. The site contains detailed information about the association- the history, the trustees, the executive (Exco), the constitution, Logo, motto, aims and objectives, anthem and many others.
The association started at the Department of vocational teacher education, university of Nigeria, Nsukka in seventies, soon after the Nigeria Civil War. The association is one of the oldest associations formed after the war in this country. It has a chequered history. It flourished and latter went into inactivity and thereafter regained strength and vigour. It is a growing association with its pleasant offers to members and to the society. Any individual who desire to be a member of avten stands to benefit academically and evenmore.
I thank and appreciate all the stakeholders, the leaders, members, associate members and students who worked hard to sustain the association till date. I specially wish to thank all those who were trained in vocational and technical education programmes. The association has maintained its annual international conference as well as the yearly publication of its journal. The association has also maintained the rotation of the hosting rights of the conference along six geopolitical zones.
Members of the association are trained to acquire vocational and technical skills to be able to work in a vocation or occupation. They are referred to as the “show me people” in that they can apply their skills sufficiently and efficiently in any assigned work. They use their head and their hands intelligently and dexterously Vocational and technical education aim at developing human capacities develop skills, abilities, understanding, attitudes, work habit, appreciation, thus encompassing the knowledge and information needed by workers to enter and progress in an employment (self or paid) on a useful and productive basis. It has the task of preparing people efficiently to participate in the economic life of the nation.
Therefore, the message is that individuals should acquire one skill or the other with which to function in the society in order not to be a liability to the society, rather as asset. No skill is greater than the other, all is geared toward livelihood. I call on all Nigerian citizens to embark on skill acquisition in a vocation with which to enter into the world of works. This will reduce the social menace ravaging the society.

Who is the President of AVTEN?

Professor Aloysius Emengini Uzoagulu is the President of AVTEN. He is a Professor of Industrial-Technical and Vocational Education in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) Enugu, Enugu State. He became a Professor in 2002.
Professor A.E. Uzoagulu has been Head of Department, Director Mature Students Programme (MSP); and Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University. He was the Head and Director, Research Development and Administration, Concept College, Stock Well, South-West London, United Kingdom. He is a fellow, Nigerian Vocational Association NVA (now AVTEN) and a member of Nigerian Academy of Education. Prof. Uzoagulu developed three proto-type mechanical (agro-based) machines and wrote many books and book chapters.
He is a member of several Professional bodies. He had been the Editor-in-Chief of many journals. He gave his inaugural lecture on the 10th of November 2011. He is married with five children.